Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?


They say that people who don’t know who they want to be in the future, are doomed to failure in life.

You need to have a plan for your future life. You need to prepare yourself, educate in specific area, gain work experience… And if not… Well, you will never get there…

I partially agree with this. I understand that if you want to be successful in specific area of work and life, you need to have a plan.

But what if you don’t know who you want to be ?

Does it mean that from now on, you can just sit on your butt and wait for the last day of your life, because your dreams will never come true ?

No, it doesn’t.

As a person who was always confused and had problems with judging on what do I want, I still believe in my bright future.

I have done so many different things in my life, I tried to follow so many different paths… And if someone would ask me now: “so Patrycja, who do you want to be in future ?” I would have to say “I don’t know.”

If you are just like me – high five !

But I would like to ask you a question. Just a one simple question.

Who you don’t want to be in your future ?

This might narrow your searches. But it might take a while.

Promise me, that you will never stop searching for your life path. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make mistakes. This will be the only way to find your happiness in life.


Where do I see myself in 5 years ? I don’t know. But at least now I know what do I want.

I want to be healthy, happy, still in love. I want to have great and inspiring people around me. I want to do something that will make me happy and feel financialy secure. I want to be able to travel to my parents to eat lunch together and sit with a glass of homemade wine and watch TV. I want to have good relations with my family and friends. I want to feel loved and needed.


I guess these things should be priorities. We should focus on them as well, because career will never make us fully happy. There will be always something missing.

And what about you ? Do you know who you want to be ? Or you are already living your dream life ?
Let me know in comments below and share your story with others.

Good luck! xx


Why are friends so important in your life?


Trisha met many great people in her life. It was never easy for her to meet new people and then, keep them for longer in her life. And it would be a lie to say that it wasn’t partially her fault.

She did not know the greatness of friendship until she started to live a real adult life, where the problems start and everything changes. She started to make mistakes, she started to fall down, acting silly and reckless. But she slowly managed to get up. Step by step. Thanks to magic friendships that she never appreciated. Until then.

Relation “person-person” is not always simple and easy. Sometimes we need to grow up to realize how valuable are other people to us. 

I always say that it’s better to have only a few true friends than hundreds of people that we cannot count on.


Staying in the middle of strangers might be ok. “Ok” doesn’t mean good. It’s just ok.

“Ok”, can’t stay healthy for long. It might change into something different than “ok”. Into something worse.

Even if it’s difficult to admit sometimes, we need others in our lives, in our hearts. We need someone that we can call at 2AM to talk about something that is really important to us.

It’s a great feeling when after not being at home for more than half year, you call your best friend and she/he is excited about your coming and books her/his time just for you.

And then after half year you can talk to that person like you’d see each other just yesterday. You can tell her/him about everything. Do silly things, get drunk, sing at the balcony so loud that neighbours get annoyed. And yes, it is a wonderful feeling. Feeling of being 100 % yourself in front of that person, not wondering if you did something wrong. Because you know that she/he knows that, even if you said something stupid, you did not mean it.


But real friendship needs time. You need to take care of her. You need to give your time to that person and listen. You need to be a best friend to that person as well. You need to be exactly same as you expect her to be for you. No matter what, if she/he will call you in the middle of the night, you need to answer that fucking phone and talk to her or just listen.

Because that’s what friendship is.